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John Romano’s Blog

NRDC presents a "New Architecture for a New Global Partnership" for action on global Sustainable Development Goals

John Romano

Posted March 18, 2014

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The year 2015 will be a critical one for both our planet and its people; a year in which the global community is set to agree upon a new climate change agreement and a new set of global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to replace the expiring Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We need a new narrative, new approaches, and new structures to make the necessary transformations these two processes hope to stimulate.  Perhaps most importantly, we must ensure that 2015 is a “AAA” year of scaled-up Actions, ambitious Agreements, and enhanced Accountability.

Building upon the significant momentum generated by our advocacy efforts over the past year, NRDC has heightened its support to the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals by presenting a proposal for a “New Architecture for a New Global Partnership.” The presentation of this proposal (see below for the full presentation) features a detailed narration exploring the various facets of this new architecture, providing a simple yet comprehensive overview of the proposal.

Architecture for a New Global PartnershipThe proposal provides a framework that can drive the action and accountability that is essential to securing a sustainable future.This architecture links the SDGs to national plans and objectives and to commitments to action by all stakeholders. This new architecture consists of three interconnected layers: a global visionary goal (SDG), national plans and objectives, and commitments to action by all stakeholders. The architecture is also “wired” to reflect the interconnected nature of the relationships between all stakeholders and the data and information flows that must occur among them to ensure enhanced action and accountability. In such an interconnected world, we will only be able to achieve the transformative changes needed to fulfill the SDGs through collective action by all stakeholders, represented by this new architecture.

This proposal is the result of months of NRDC’s consultations with key stakeholders, including at its Rio+20 to 2015: A New Architecture for a Sustainable New World Conference at Yale University in November of 2013. The conference brought together over 180 officials, academics, practitioners and students from 30 countries – receiving inputs from the likes of UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner, Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University, and UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres, among many others – to help understand and design this emerging multi-level architecture for enhanced global action and accountability.

Click below for NRDC’s Narrated Prezi Presentation of its “New Architecture for a New Global Partnership” Proposal

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