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Going Gladiator on Asian Carp in the Illinois River

Josh Mogerman

Posted October 13, 2013

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Well, at least somebody’s profiting from the Asian carp advance on the Illinois River... Back in 2011 I was blown away by videos of the Peoria Carp Hunters taking on the invasive species with samurai weapons while waterskiing infested waters. And the notoriety that came from their videos has spawned what looks to be a pretty successful business: taking folks out for a fish safari assault on the silver carp crapping up the nearby waterway. Blaze Magazine has a new feature story on the Carp Hunters that makes it clear that the guys have upped their game, with improved technology to protect from the fish missiles shooting from the river around them, but no less blood lust in their very hands-on approach to dealing with the invasive onslaught. Taking on flying fish with a trident is not for the faint of heart; but freeing Peoria from the wrath of Asian carp remains a fight worthy of Maximus himself

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Michael BerndtsonOct 14 2013 08:27 AM

Asian Carp Abatement Feasibility Study: Options Development

Option 1: Do Nothing

Option 2: Re-reverse the Chicago River. Sanitary and ship canal concentration of Stickney Works effluent. Solids management in Berwyn.

Option 3: Waterskiing trident wielding flying fish spearing.

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