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Asian Carp have Spawned Water Ninjas on the Illinois River

Josh Mogerman

Posted May 2, 2011

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It has come to this.

The Asian carp infestation in Peoria has some intrepid water skiers taking to the Illinois River in spiked body armor with wolverine claws and samurai swords to take the fight to the invasive species. This is not the most intense video of carp problems; it is the most intense video in response to the fish that I have seen…by a lot! Remember folks, these are...ummm...professionals, don’t try this at home:


Thom Cmar popped into my office and said, " this is what recreation on our rivers looks like after the Asian carp apocalypse?  If so, then I want to hang out with these guys."


Tip of the hat to NRDC's Nick Magrisso and for finding the video. Bigger tip of the hat to the Peoria Carp Hunters for not gutting themselves on the river…


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Danelle HMay 3 2011 08:29 AM

Wow.... Just WOW!!

Crazy DickMay 5 2011 10:16 PM

The New "duck hunt"!

Saw your video and I believe a way to improve the harvest is to consider jet ski’s with a rider sitting back to back with the driver armed with their favorite shotgun.

Not sure what type of license one would need for this - probably a combo fishing & small game!

Deb RMay 6 2011 12:24 AM

As much as I hate the introduction of Asian carp, the fact that anyone can take this much pleasure out of killing anything totally grosses me out. Really, really sad.

BelkisMay 6 2011 11:25 AM

Really? Shame on NRDC for posting this.

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