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Three things are pretty central to my hometown, Springfield, IL: the state capital, Abraham Lincoln, and corn as far as the eye can see. In a way, all three of these central Illinois icons pushed me to where I am today with an abiding love for nature, history, and catty politics. They also combine to make me acutely aware that we occupy a unique moment in history where our actions or inaction will resonate for generations to come.

As for NRDC, I'm the new guy in the new office… I handle communications for NRDC's efforts in the Midwest. Since I come from a wildlife conservation background, I am also handling a lot of our endangered species and western wildlife issues.

When I am not worried about dirty fuels and changes to the Endangered Species Act, I play bass guitar, and try to keep my 120 year old house on Chicago’s south side from crumbling…

Roots in:
Central Illinois; St. Louis and Columbia, MO
Favorite place:
Wooded Island, Jackson Park, Chicago, IL – an idyllic nature spot in the midst of the city that stands as one of the last remnants of 1893’s Columbian Exposition.
Why "environmentalism" matters:
I long for the day when environmentalism doesn’t matter. But right now, issues of the environment are central to all that ails us these days. Choose almost any of our myriad of problems and I’ll tell you why our environmental policies are at the core. If we don’t get a handle on climate change now, most everything else will be moot in short order.

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