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Million Electric Vehicle Bill Sent to Governor Brown

Posted August 28, 2014 by Max Baumhefner in Moving Beyond Oil, Solving Global Warming, U.S. Law and Policy

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California is poised to open a portal to America’s future, shoving Big Oil off the highways to make room for cleaner transportation alternatives that will improve the nation’s health and provide drivers with much-needed relief from pain at the pump....continued

Cool Infographic: The 5 Largest Transit Systems in the U.S.

Posted August 27, 2014 by Deron Lovaas in Living Sustainably, Moving Beyond Oil

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Folks at the  online Masters in Public Administration program at the University of North Carolina created an infographic about the history, capacity and future of the nation's five largest transit systems. Of course it includes D.C.'s own Metro, where we're enjoying new stops...continued

Huge Ponds Hold Tar Sands Sludge, And Great Risks

Posted August 25, 2014 by Danielle Droitsch in Moving Beyond Oil

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On August 4, 2014, the catastrophic failure of a mining company's dam in British Columbia, Canada, released over 2.5 billion gallons of contaminated water from a containment pond into the upper Faser River watershed. Only a few hundred miles east...continued

Charge Ahead California Initiative Passes Overwhelmingly

Posted August 25, 2014 by Max Baumhefner in Moving Beyond Oil, Solving Global Warming, U.S. Law and Policy

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A child’s drawing posted on the door of Assembly Member Christina Garcia of Southeast Los Angeles, outlines a vision of placing 1 million electric cars, trucks, and buses on California’s streets within 10 years – a vision that  moved...continued

Breaking Free of Big Oil: Despite Oil Company Opposition, California is Moving Toward a Cleaner Future

Posted August 21, 2014 by Merrian Borgeson in Moving Beyond Oil, Solving Global Warming

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The results of California’s latest cap-and-trade auction were released today, marking another milestone in the state’s landmark climate and clean energy law, AB 32, which put limits on harmful climate pollution. But playing out in the background, the oil industry’s...continued

Granting Big Oil a Free Pass Under California's Clean Energy Law Would Be a Giant Leap Backward

Posted August 19, 2014 by Alex Jackson in Moving Beyond Oil

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In their latest video ad, the California Drivers Alliance, an oil-backed front group organized to lobby against California’s clean fuel standards, claims fuel providers “need more time” to prepare for the January 1st inclusion of gasoline under California’s economy-wide...continued

Declining air quality in the tar sands region: Is the government responding?

Posted August 14, 2014 by Danielle Droitsch in Curbing Pollution, Moving Beyond Oil

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A new report released by the Alberta government reveals a concerning trend with declining air quality as a result of tar sands operations.  While the report itself was just released, the air pollution information in the report is dated back in...continued

Keep the Arctic Ocean and Other Special Waters off the Auction Block for Drilling

Posted August 14, 2014 by Frances Beinecke in Moving Beyond Oil, Reviving the World's Oceans

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Friday marks the deadline for comment on which ocean waters should be considered for oil and gas leasing. The Obama Administration is creating the next five-year leasing program, but don’t let the name fool you. This is not a short-term matter....continued

Moving Forward on Offshore Wind in New Bedford: If You Build It, Clean Energy Will Come (Guest Blog by Chris Halfnight)

Posted August 11, 2014 by Kit Kennedy in Curbing Pollution, Green Enterprise, Health and the Environment, Living Sustainably, Moving Beyond Oil, Solving Global Warming, U.S. Law and Policy

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A short walk from the famous Whalemen’s Chapel of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, offshore wind power is getting a major push.  With construction of a new, $100-million marine commerce terminal well underway in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the city is on track...continued

Voces Verdes Business Leaders - Trailblazing Our Clean Energy Economy

Posted August 8, 2014 by Fernando Cazares in Curbing Pollution, Green Enterprise, Moving Beyond Oil, Solving Global Warming


This past June, the Environmental Protection Agency released its Clean Power Plan, a set of proposed guidelines and state targets aimed at cutting the national carbon emissions from existing power plants by 30 percent from a 2005 baseline.  These are...continued


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