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How Much Seafood do Gulf Coast Residents Eat? Take a Survey!

Gina Solomon

Posted August 2, 2010

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As more areas of the Gulf open to fishing, and the debate heats up about the safety of seafood in the oil-tainted waters, it's time to scrutinize some of the science behind the decisions that are being made.

A couple of weeks ago, NOAA and the FDA released a risk assessment and plan for testing seafood. There are various aspects of this plan that are controversial, but for the moment, I'm focusing on one: Seafood consumption estimates.

The FDA cut-offs for how much contamination is allowed make assumptions about how much fish Gulf residents eat. But based on the time I've spent on the Gulf coast, I'm guessing that the FDA estimates (which are based on national numbers) are way off-base.

Here's where I need your help.

I don't think that national numbers are helpful for estimating local seafood consumption rates, so I'm asking Gulf coast residents to respond to a survey that will provide local information.

If you live along the Gulf Coast, please help us out by clicking on the link below and answering a few questions about how much seafood you ate before the oil spill. Thank you for your help!

Click here to take the survey

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