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Greg Hale’s Blog

Energy Efficiency: Good Business Practice

Greg Hale

Posted September 25, 2012

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Guest post by Jay Orfield, Welch Environmental Innovation Fellow with NRDC's Center for Market Innovation.


Energy efficiency and sustainability should be standard business practice for every company. Just listen to Global Head / Sustainability Initiatives at Bloomberg, L.P., Curtis Ravenel explain his views on it:

“This is very consistent with just good business because if you have environmental impact, that means you likely have waste. And if you have waste, you probably have some inefficiency. And if you have some inefficiency, then you likely have money on the table and there’s an opportunity to improve your operating performance.”

Sustainable operations and maintenance increases occupant health and safety, prolongs the life of building finishes and systems, and uses healthier, ecofriendly products and procedures. Sustainable workplaces provide the most effective work environments and strategies at the lowest life-cycle cost. When sustainable workplace concepts are integrated with an organization’s mission, the organization can make decisions that benefit their people, the environment, and their bottom line.

For more information and to see our partners discuss the Tenant Demonstration Project, please visit our website on the commitment at

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