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GRAMMYs Honor Carole King for Protecting Wild Places

Frances Beinecke

Posted January 21, 2014

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Many people know Carole King as one of America’s best songwriters and performers, but over the years I have had the opportunity to see another side of Carole: the dedicated environmental advocate. This part of Carole’s illustrious career is about to take center stage. On Friday she will be named the 2014 MusiCares Person of the Year in recognition of her wide-ranging philanthropy and environmental leadership.

Carole has worked tirelessly to protect America’s natural heritage—the wild places and beautiful landscapes that inspire all of us. She speaks eloquently about the grandeur of the Arctic. She supports visionary efforts to preserve the Northern Rockies, fighting back efforts to sacrifice swaths of dense forest in her home state of Idaho. And she campaigns for climate action.

Most recently, Carole joined NRDC’s Alarmed by the signs of climate change she sees throughout the Northern Rockies, Carole is urging people to call for clean energy solutions that don’t pollute our air or wreak havoc with our climate.

Infusing all this work is Carole’s generous spirit and beloved music. When she and James Taylor led the hugely successful Troubadour Reunion Tour in 2010, they donated a portion of the ticket sales to NRDC and the Alliance for the Wild Rockies. And whenever Carole belts out “I Feel the Earth Move” at NRDC events, you know she moves on behalf of the Earth. 

NRDC shares Carole’s desire to combine music and environmental stewardship. Over the past several years, we have helped the Recording Academy reduce the ecological footprint of the GRAMMY Awards. The entire production of last year’s ceremony, for instance, was powered by 100 percent renewable energy purchased through the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. It's quite fitting that Carole's clean energy vision will get to shine in this sustainably-produced spotlight.

As we head into the GRAMMY Awards this weekend, we're thrilled to celebrate Carole's environmental leadership. Congratulations, Carole.



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Michael BerndtsonJan 22 2014 06:54 AM

Trip down memory lane. I saw Carol King and her daughter play a benefit concert in Denver for Gary Hart back in the early 80s. I was in college. My date had to drive, since I didn't own a car. Or I did own a car but it would never start. Always had to park it on a hill to jump start. Golden, CO had a lot of hills so there was that. Anyway, the concert was great. The car was a 1970 Datsun 510. Awesome little car. When it ran. Learned auto electronics by doing. Never found the short and will never forget what's-her-name.

alan taylorJan 22 2014 10:04 AM

I feel the Earth move under my feet........

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