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DiCaprio & Others Engage Online Community with Clear Message: This Is Our Moment for Clean Energy Action

Frances Beinecke

Posted January 28, 2010

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This is our moment to begin the clean energy future. That is what Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Norton, Justin Long, Emmy Rossum, Forest Whitaker, Jason Bateman, Chace Crawford, Felicity Huffman, and other celebrities make clear in the new web-based video they made with NRDC’s Action Fund.

The actors--together with Professor Cornell West--want you to know that now is a time for you can make a real and profound difference on climate change, the biggest environmental and humanitarian crisis of our time.

The Senate is considering a bill that would create a clean energy future for America, generate 2 million jobs, and confront climate change.

There is a lot of support for the bill. The House of Representatives passed a similar one in June, and President Obama wants the Senate to pass its version this year.

But it will still be a tough political fight (just read this Rolling Stone cover story on how much oil and gas companies are spending to block the bill). To pass the bill, we need people from all walks of life raising their voices in support of a cleaner, safer, more prosperous energy economy.

That’s where young people come in. Because there is no escaping the fact that the future of your generation is at stake.

My three daughters and their friends--all in their twenties-- realize this. They know that climate change threatens their way of life and their economic opportunities. They know, like the young veterans at Operation Free, that it is a grave security risk that leaves them vulnerable.

They also know they can do something about it. In the past few years, I have seen the number of youth-lead efforts to tackle global warming expand dramatically. It is one of the most hopeful signs I have come across in my work.

Your generation has embraced your citizen power and the galvanizing effects new social media tools and networking sites can foster. You helped bring sweeping change to Washington in the 2008 election, because you had high hopes for what this country could become and you knew how to connect the masses through online tools my generation is still struggling to master.

You may not have seen all of those hopes realized yet, but that only means you have to keep up the fight. Keep up the energy. Keep up the pressure. Because when you do, your generation has a remarkable ability to influence people.

I have seen it in action. I will never forget being at the climate talks in Copenhagen and hearing Jessy Tolkan--who was then the executive director of the youth organization Energy Action and is now with Green for All--capturing the attention of Vice President Al Gore and a room full of battle-hardened environmental leaders with her passionate intensity.

It was like she shook our shoulders and reminded us that the future of her generation is on the line, and that if we don’t shift to clean energy now, she and young people around the world will pay a terribly high price.

But Jessy knows we can turn this ship around and that’s why she is working so hard to get us moving in the right direction. There are many, many ways you can get involved too, but the single most important act you can take right now is to tell your senators to pass the clean energy and climate bill and tell your friends to do the same.

The fastest, easiest way to take action is to watch this clip because you can click on the “Email the Senate” right from your video player. Then upload your own videos in support of the clean energy economy to the site. And link to it on Facebook. Then tweet it. And make it go viral.

Because This Is Our Moment.



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jacob schneiderJan 29 2010 02:29 PM

Before I come out and say that I do not agree with the global warming claims that this web site has made, I would first like to say that I whole heartedly support your effort to protect the environment. And I would love to see a push for cleaner energy.
That being said I do not agree with the claims that this web site has made. Please know that I do not want to come across as attacking you, I believe that you have the right to your own beliefs and opinions. However, I also believe that if questions aren't asked and discussion is not had then both side will find them selves in a very bad place in the end. It is very obvious that this issue has very serious political and environmental consequences, and we need to work together to get to the bottom of this issue before it is too late.
That being said I would like to ask the following questions, which will hopeful spark some discussion and help us to all come to a conclusion we can agree on. The first question is why are there scientists on both side of this argument. I have heard a lot of facts from the scientists that don't think global warming is as big of a deal as the media has made it out to be. I have heard that one small volcano releases more cfc's then the entire history of arosole cans, and that the amount of carbon we actually produce is almost nothing compared to natural processes. I have also heard that global warming is more related to the suns magnetic fields then it is to any thing we are doing. And as far as i know we all agree that the earth has gone through cycles of warming and cooling scene it was created. I would also like to ask about Al Gore. I have heard that in some countries his video about global warming has been band from being used as an educational tool because it has 13 proven lies.
Scene I don't believe this to be as emedit of a problem i feel that we should take our time with passing laws to help clean up our environment. There is no don't in my mind that we need to take better care of the earth, but i would hate to see us rush laws into place that would damage or take away our constitutional rights, or laws that don't really help the problem and just make it hard for companies to function. By enacting laws that fine companies and individuals for their carbon emissions we are taking money away, especially from companies, that they could use to become greener. My main point and concern is that we may rush laws through that not only don't help our world community, but hurt it in a very grave way. Thanks for listening and i will be checking back to see if and one has any sort of response. Cause positive communication, i believe, is the only thing that will save this world, our liberty and our souls

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