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Copenhagen Accord by a Landslide: 188-5

Frances Beinecke

Posted December 19, 2009

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The Copenhagen Accord was adopted Saturday by a margin of 188-5.

Nearly every nation in the world embraced the agreement, signaling support by "taking note" of it. In the parlance of U.N. consensus process, to "take note" means to agree to or accept, U.N. Assistant Secretary-Gen. Robert Orr explained in a Saturday press conference.

"It has the same effect," said Orr.

So, agreeing to the Copenhagen Accord were countries like the United States, China, India, Brazil, France, Britain, Japan, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and nearly 180 others.

Opposed were: Sudan, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Sounds like consensus to me.

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Jennifer OrrDec 21 2009 11:08 AM

Wonderful! Am interested in knowing why the five countries, with the majority being in Latin America, opposed the accord.

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