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Actor and NRDC Member David Strathairn Invites You to Say No to Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline on November 6

Elizabeth Shope

Posted October 28, 2011

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Actor and NRDC member David Strathairn released a video yesterday, produced by NRDC and Tar Sands Action, inviting people to come to Washington, DC on November 6 to join hands around the White House to tell President Obama NO to the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

President Obama and his Administration could make a decision about whether or not to permit Keystone XL as early as this December. The Keystone XL pipeline would transport as much as 900,000 barrels per day of dirty, high carbon tar sands oil 2000 miles from Alberta to Texas, crossing through the Ogallala Aquifer – a critical source of drinking water and irrigation water for millions of Americans – and threatening Gulf Coast refinery communities with even greater levels of air pollution.

With a decision about the pipeline looming – based on whether or not it is in the “national interest” – Strathairn emphasizes the need for President Obama to hear the people’s voices. One way you can make your voice heard is by coming to Washington, DC on November 6 to participate in the human chain around the White House and tell President Obama that Keystone XL is NOT in the national interest. Strathairn says:

President Obama ran for office speaking of the dangers of our fossil fuel addiction, promising to fight climate change and fully embrace a clean energy future. The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is a dangerous step away from that commitment. This is President Obama’s decision to make: yes or no to this dangerous pipeline. And he needs to hear voices other than those of greedy oil companies eager to keep us addicted to fossil fuels. He needs to hear the people’s voices.

Sign up here to join us on November 6, where the NRDC delegation will be led by NRDC’s founder John Adams. And if you can’t make it to DC on the 6th, you can ask President Obama to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline at

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Susan WalkerOct 29 2011 09:11 AM

President Obama,
Votes were cast for you because of the promises you made. Please keep your promises, we need alternative energy but this is not the way.

Please say no to this pipeline and yes to American lands.

Thank you,
Susan Walker

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