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Elly Pepper’s Blog

Healthy Rivers Help Farmers

Elly Pepper

Posted May 14, 2013

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With Endangered Species Day coming up this Friday, we are continuing to share stories of people who support protections for imperiled animals from the new Voices for America’s Wildlife website. Many of the stories focus on farmers and fishermen in California’s Bay Delta.

Today’s video introduces Brett Baker -- a sixth generation pear farmer and fisheries biologist -- whose family has been farming in California’s San Joaquin Valley since 1851. He discusses the deeply interdependent relationship between farmers and the environment, stating that “[y]ou want to be the best steward of the land as possible, because it is your life.” And the Valley’s salmon are part of this. Brett talks about the ways in which salmon, as part of the ecosystem, make his farm more productive.

Listen to his story here:

Please go to to hear other inspiring Voices for America’s Wildlife.

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