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Emily Martin’s Blog

Mother's Day for Foodies

Emily Martin

Posted May 7, 2014

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This Sunday is Mother’s Day and it will be my third year celebrating it as a mom.

In this relatively short time, I’ve learned so much about what it means to be a mom.  My little one has taught me everything from how to survive on two hours of sleep (barely), to what it feels like to hear, “I love you, Mommy” from the cutest little person in the world.

Something else I learned since becoming a mom is that EVERYONE has advice for you.  I’ve heard it all:

 “You need to let them cry it out if you want them to sleep better.” 

“No, don’t let them cry it out.  You need to respond to them when they cry or you’ll create lifelong insecurity.”

“Just let him sleep in the bed with you.  He’ll sleep best that way”.

Unsolicited advice is never fun, but there are a few mommy “gurus” out there whose expertise, commitment to reforming our food and agriculture system, and words of wisdom resonate with me, in particular on the topic of food – something this mom-of-a-picky-eater truly appreciates. 

So I’m sending a big Happy Mother’s Day to some of my favorite foodie Moms out there:

Laurie David

Thumbnail image for lauriedavid.jpg

Photo Credit: The Family Cooks

This amazing Mom/Author/Producer/Advocate has taught me that by cooking at home and involving my son in cooking, I’ll teach him healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.  I still find myself giving him a frozen pizza or box macaroni and cheese from time to time, but Laurie encourages me, in her new cookbook The Family Cooks, that by spending a little extra time and love in the kitchen, my picky eater will soon come around. 

Robyn O’Brien


Photo Credit: Robyn O’Brien

As a mom to an allergy kid (eggs, peanuts, shellfish), I’m happy to know there are moms like Robyn out there asking questions about why so many kids have allergies to commons foods these days.  Her work at the AllergyKids Foundation is to keep additives out of our food supply, something that NRDC cares very much about.

Bettina Elias Siegel


Photo Credit: The Lunch Tray

Kids eat almost as much in school as they do at home.  My son is only 3 so I’m not impacted by school food just yet, but in a couple years he’ll be exposed to all sorts of foods and eating habits that I might not love.  Bettina is keeping a close watch on school food with her blog The Lunch Tray, which monitors the good, the bad, and the ugly of what we feed our kids at school these days.

Anna Lappé


Photo Credit: Anna Lappé

Much of the conventional agriculture industry wants us to believe that to “feed the world” we need to keep intensifying production, using more and more pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals to keep up with increased demand from a growing population.  But Anna is telling us the real story with her organization Food MythBusters which promotes sustainable, ecologically-integrated farming practices that support family farmers, reliably grow more food, and help make our food system more efficient by reducing wasted food

What foodie mom inspires you this Mother’s Day?  Add your favorites in comments.  Happy Mother’s Day to all!



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Bettina at The Lunch TrayMay 8 2014 09:45 PM

Emily, I just saw this and am so honored to have made this list. Thank you!

Emily MartinMay 9 2014 11:30 AM

Thanks Bettina for all the work you do creating a better food system - Happy early Mother's Day!

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