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Latin America Green News: new energy efficiency initiative in Chile, environmental regulation changes proposed in Costa Rica, and mining controversy in Mexico

Denée Reaves

Posted May 17, 2013

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Latin America Green News is a selection of weekly news highlights about environmental and energy issues in Latin America.

May 13-May 17 


According to the Minister of the Presidency, Cristian Larroulet, one of the government’s priorities will be securing the approval of pending energy bills . The proposed bills would streamline electric concessions, allow the construction of an electric transmission “highway”, and establish a 20% goal for non-conventional renewable energies.    Another government goal will be the approval of bills proposed under the Competitive Stimulus Plan, a plan announced two years ago. (La Tercera, 5/16/2013).  

Sergio del Campo, Vice Minister of Energy launched Chile’s new Energy Efficiency Seal initiative that aims to promote responsible energy use among companies. The initiative will identify and reward companies that are implementing efficiency measures that help reduce energy costs, boost competitiveness and reduce emissions.  Forty companies can apply for the seal this year.  (La Tercera 5/16/2013)

Costa Rica

Four Costa Rican environmental groups have formed the Environmental Network Alliance and will present an environmental agenda to presidential candidates.  The agenda will be the outcome of a series of workshops with communities around the country focused on seven central issues: water, coastal & marine, food sovereignty, climate change, extractive industries, biodiversity and urban environment. (El Financiero, 05/13/2013)

The National Technical Environmental Secretariat has launched a public consultation a on a draft modification to the environmental impact assessment regulations. One of the proposed changes is to extend the duration of environmental permits to five years from the current two years.  Another proposal is to create a category of projects that do not need to submit an environmental impact evaluation. (El País, 05/13/2013)


The second meeting of the Advisory Board for the Mesoamerican Strategy of Environmental Sustainability will commence on May 20th in Mexico to discuss the implementation of the master plan around the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. In the Mexican capital, representatives from Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, the Dominican Republic and the host country will be in attendance. (Terra, 05/15/2013)

The Movement against Mining Concessions of Morelos has asked the Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Juan José Guerra Abud to reject the Canadian company Silver Hope’s mining project in Tetlama, Morelos due to its egregious effects on the environment. The movement’s spokesperson, Ignacio Suárez stated in an interview that this project will contaminate the surrounding areas with mercury and cyanide, as well as damage the archeological site of Xochicalco. Suárez has requested an interview with Guerra Abud to discuss these harmful effects. (La Jornada, 5/15/2013)


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This week’s news was compiled by Denée Reaves.

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