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Denée Reaves’s Blog

Healing Walk Picture Blog

Denée Reaves

Posted July 3, 2014

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As I mentioned in a previous blog, I had the honor of attending the fifth and last Healing Walk in Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada this past week. The Healing Walk is in its fifth and final year, was started by First Nation communities in Alberta to highlight the healing that needs to take place in the area because of the harmful effects tar sands development has had on the land and the people. Before we participated in the walk, the NRDC team decided to get a view of tar sands development from the air.  During our aerial tour, we were able to see tailings ponds, tar sands mines, in situ mining, petroleum coke piles, and mounds upon mounds of sulfur; all adjacent to some of the greenest and densest trees I’ve ever seen. With most picture blogs, you would probably get brief descriptions of each photograph directly below it, but I subscribe to the idiom: a picture says a thousand words. So I hope you’ll take a look and a listen to the story these pictures have to tell:

HWPB 1.jpgHWPB 2.jpgHWPB 3.jpgHWPB 4.jpgHWPB 5.jpgHWPB 6.jpg

HWPB 7.jpgHWPB 8.jpgHWPB 9.jpgHWPB 10.jpg

HWPB 11.jpgHWPB 12.jpgHWPB 13.jpgHWPB 14.jpgHWPB 15.jpg

HWPB 16.jpgHWPB 17.jpgHWPB 18.jpgHWPB 19.jpgHWPB 20.jpgHWPB 21.jpgHWPB 22.jpgHWPB 23.jpg

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