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State of California and Stakeholders Oppose H.R. 3964

Doug Obegi

Posted February 3, 2014

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On Wednesday, the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on H.R. 3964 (Valadao).  Like H.R. 1837 of 2011-2012, this bill would permanently preempt state law and weaken or eliminate protections for California’s rivers, salmon fishery, and Bay-Delta estuary.  The bill also would repeal the court-approved settlement to restore the San Joaquin River and would permanently withdraw part of the Merced River from protections under the Wild & Scenic River Act. 

Drought, not environmental laws, are restricting water supplies across the State this year.  Waiving environmental protections won't make it rain, but in future years it will hurt thousands of fishing and Delta farming jobs that depend on these state and federal protections.  Real solutions to California's drought include investments in efficiency, recycling, stormwater capture, local storage projects, and groundwater management, which will help create a drought-resistant supply.  Farmers, fishermen, rural communities, and the environment are all struggling through the drought, and most of us are working together.  Unfortunately, Congressman Valadao and his allies in the House are seeking to overturn more than a century of precedent to benefit certain agribusinesses over the rest of the State's citizens.

For these reasons, H.R. 3964 is opposed by California's Governor, State agencies, Senator Boxer, Senator Feinstein, numerous Congressional Representatives, local government agencies, farmers, fishermen, conservation groups, business groups, tribes, and many others.  Below are links to letters, editorials, and other materials opposing H.R. 3964.

White House Opposition

2-5-14              Statement of Administration Policy recommending a veto of H.R. 3964

State of California Opposition 

2-3-14              Letter from Governor Brown

1-30-14            Letter from California Natural Resources Agency

2-4-14              Letter from California Attorney General Kamala Harris

Congressional Opposition

1-29-14            Statement of Senator Feinstein

1-29-14            Statement of Senator Boxer

1-22-14            Joint Statement of Representatives Bera, Thompson, Miller, McNerney, Matsui, and Garamendi regarding House Water Legislation

Local Government Opposition

2-3-14              Letter from Brannan-Andrus Levee Maintenance District and Reclamation Districts 3, 150, 307, 317, 407, 501, 551, 554, 556, 563, 744, 755, 813, 999, 1002, 2111, 2067

2-3-14              Letter from Grasslands Water District

2-3-14              Letter from Contra Costa Water District

Fishing, Tribal, Social Justice, Conservation and Businesses Opposition

2-2-14              Letter from conservation groups, Tribes, fishing and hunting groups, local businesses, and social welfare organizations

2-4-14              Letter from conservation and fishing organizations

2-4-14              Letter from the American Sportfishing Association

2-4-14              Letter from Golden Gate Salmon Association, Coastside Fishing Club, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations, and Golden Gate Fishermen's Association

2-4-14              Letter from local and regional conservation groups, recreation companies, fishing groups, and other stakeholders

2-4-14              Letter from Environmental Entrepreneurs

Editorials in Opposition to H.R. 3964 and Related Legislation

2-4-14              Sacramento Bee Editorial Opposing HR 3964

2-3-14              Los Angeles Times Editorial Opposing HR 3964

1-27-14            San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Opposing House Legislation to Waive ESA protections in the Delta

1-27-14            Santa Rosa Press Democrat Editorial Opposing House Legislation to Waive ESA protections in the Delta

1-27-14            Redding Record Searchlight Editorial Opposing House Legislation to Waive ESA protections for Salmon

1-25-14 Bakersfield Californian Editorial Opposing House Legislation to Waive ESA protections in the Delta and Overturn the San Joaquin River Settlement

1-23-14 Sacramento Bee Editorial Opposing House Legislation to Waive ESA protections in the Delta and Overturn the San Joaquin River Settlement

1-23-14 Sonoma News Tribune Editorial Opposing House Legislation to Waive ESA protections in the Delta 

Fact Sheets and Other Materials

2-4-14  List of Opponents to H.R. 3964

2-4-14  Fact Sheet Summarizing Provisions of H.R. 3964

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Sandra VanekFeb 5 2014 05:12 PM

We should curtail the excessive destruction of clean water that takes place during the manufacturing process of plastic.

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