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I joined NRDC after working for several other conservation groups and Maryland's Environment Department. I was a foreign service kid, born in the Philippines and the living in Nigeria, Niger, Honduras and Panama before heading to the University of Virginia for my degree. No longer rootless, I own a small home right near a transit line in College Park, Maryland with my wife Beth and daughter Joy. I enjoy hiking, board games and reading dense books about science and policy (especially to Joy, since it puts her right to sleep).

Roots in:
Maryland and all over the world
Favorite place:
A hike along the Gunpowder River in northeastern Maryland
Why "environmentalism" matters:
Wildlife is important, however I'm concerned about environmental protection for humanity's sake. We're only on this earth briefly, and it should be a productive and enjoyable time, which isn't possible if our environment is degraded and polluted.

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