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Is it too late for Polar Bears?

September 10, 2007

Posted by Dan Lashof in Saving Wildlife and Wild Places , Solving Global Warming

arctic, climatechange, endangeredspecies, ESA, extinction, globalwarming pollution, IPCC, polarbears

Late Friday afternoon the US Geological Survey (USGS) released a series of reports on the fate of polar bears in a warming world which Andrew Wetzler described in his post yesterday. The timing of the release may have been designed...

Beetle versus Bear

July 16, 2007

Posted by Dan Lashof in Saving Wildlife and Wild Places

barkbeetle, bear, climatechange, ecosystems, globalwarming, globalwarmingscience, grizzlybears, science, whitebarkpine

How can a tiny beetle threaten the survival of Yellowstone's famed Grizzly bears? The answer was revealed at a meeting I attended this weekend at the beautiful B Bar ranch, situated on the northern border of Yellowstone National Park. The...

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Dan Lashof
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I am the director of NRDC's climate center. My main focus is solutions to global...

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