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Daniel Hinerfeld’s Blog

BP to Gulf victims: Sorry we ruined your life. Now go away.

Daniel Hinerfeld

Posted February 17, 2011

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As The New York Times reports today, oil giant BP now claims that victims of the Gulf oil disaster it caused could be receiving too much money from the compensation fund administered by Kenneth Feinberg.  What a joke.  It’s like a throwback to the tone-deaf comments of BP’s former CEO Tony Hayward.

If you want to see and hear the truth for yourself, check out some of these heartfelt testimonials from Gulf residents.  For instance, Darla and Todd Rooks, who were forced to give up their home and live on their fishing boat, and are afraid to eat the seafood that has provided their entire living for decades.

BP is basically saying to Gulf residents:  it’s too bad we ruined you life, your means of earning a living, and the beautiful Gulf coast where your family has thrived for generations, BUT STOP WHINING SO MUCH.

The harsh reality is that many Gulf residents have suffered tremendously from BP’s negligence and won’t get a single penny in compensation.  Many others have received a tiny fraction of their actual losses to-date, and will probably only get a fraction of their future losses.  Some have lost cars, homes and businesses.  Some of lost their marriages under the stress.

Does BP expect anyone to believe that its victims will be overcompensated for THAT?

Listen to the stories of Gulf tour operators like Wendy Billiot, fisherman like J.J. Creppel, and Native Americans like Rosina Phillippe, whose family has lived off the bounty of the Gulf for hundreds of years.  And then decide for yourself.

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MikeFeb 17 2011 06:30 PM

So far BP has cost me my marriage, our business, and we both are sick. Feeling foggy all the time numbness is the finger, headachs, rashes, and my ex- wife or soon to be has differant problems. I am sitting here right noe and my eyes are burning. My x has got a very little from BP and I have gotten nothing. My wife owns the business. I live right on the Florida coast. I am in on the class action but I will not be alive 5 to 20 years from now. BP has been telling my friends that those small settlements are tax free. What a joke. That oil is still coming up on our shores. I to will not ever swim in that water fish, or eat anything that comes out of it. That is hard to say because so many people need what they can get this year but at what expense. If those spray chemicals are so safe why are they not being used in the rain forest. Why because that oil since on land will not sink. BP got us all if we get one more profitable year out of this we will be lucky. How many tourest will go home after their stay here and go home and die? It will only take a couple before nobody will ever come here again. I own property but have no money so I cannot move. Now the oil companys want to get a tax free walk from our Government to drill in gulf. So they clean up this mess first. They think this is over, they have bought our elected officials. So it may be over at least for us

Say No to Corporate AmericaFeb 19 2011 02:06 AM

BP has added another insult to the long list... from the environment their greed destroyed, the fishermen that still have not seen a check since that well blew out, the sick men women and little children to the billions of creatures that are gone... I am physically ill. The lies about leaks and underwater plumes (BP and Gov knew about plumes in 2001, not a typo, 2001)

The federal government is as much to blame as BP. The Corexit was/IS a trade for health... just a way to hide the nasty oil. The main ingredient of Corexit 9527 is classified by Gov as poison yet Obama tells us to eat the poisoned seafood and swim in the toxic water. They do not care about People. They know they made it worse but they don't care. Obama never declared the worst environmental disaster, a disaster... again, that helps BP and hurts People. We pay the gov to work for us but we always get the shaft from the federal level, always.

Obama appointed Feinberg but BP pays him; his usual clients are Exxon, Dow, DuPont, Citibank and the like. These industries lobby big and finance campaigns even bigger. The injured People were never going to have a fair offering for such a great loss but Feinberg ensured it would be BP's favor all the way. And now BP has the gall to say this. I have to wonder they're weaseling on Feinberg... if he was going to get a bonus for claims denied [on top of his regular monthly check from BP]. FBerg gets paid $850K/month by BP... to supposedly process claims to the People- conflict of interest, you betcha!

The world doesn't know the truth about the Gulf poisoning because the main stream media is owned by 5 corporations... you'll never hear the whole truth there! Companies like BP and Halliburton act like they're above the law, because they truly are when government is corrupt! THAT MUST STOP!

Their greed has damaged millions of lives and they just keep swinging the bat at us every way they can but I know we will not go away that easy. People are ticked-off all over the world and we are coming together to say NO more.

This debacle was the last straw for me. Corporate owned government really proved itself in every possible way with this living nightmare. I have looked at all the facts, laws and Executive Orders and the picture is clear. The global capitalists that run government have an agenda and it is not good for People ANYWHERE. I hope people will question this Global GOV Inc so we can all demand real change that benefits us. I have, and as bad as this is, it gets worse.

Please check out some of the details on this regardless of where you live or if you were affected by this ongoing nightmare... there are a lot of info/facts on the link below... fracking or oil blow-outs are just part of the bad things they do and it will not change unless We stand up together to battle BP and all parties involved. A People United Will Never be Defeated! Say No to Corporate America;

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