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Fossil Fuels are Fighting a Losing Battle

Dylan Gasperik

Posted February 27, 2013

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In the vast ocean of mainstream media there is so much flotsam and jetsam that it is sometimes necessary to take a step back and look at trends. Here is one that I think is not getting enough play: fossil fuels are destined for obsolescence, and the sooner we get out of our own way, the sooner the exploitation of these filthy energy sources will be a thing of the past. Consider the evidence below:

-          Los Angeles will be coal-free by 2025, announces Mayor Villaraigosa. (Making me so proud!)

-          Shell announces they will not drill in Alaska in 2013. (Did they throw in the towel after seeing our slideshow of disasters?)

-          100% of new U.S. power capacity added in January 2013 was renewable. (First time ever!)

-          Wind is now cheaper than coal in Australia. (A coal-exporting nation, mate!)

-          China has decided to introduce a carbon tax. (Your move, USA)


With all of the signs pointing to the new clean energy future beginning now, why does our federal government still prop up the fossil fuel industry with $8 billion a year? Let’s kick that crutch and stop poisoning ourselves with air and water pollution, and give ourselves a better chance to manage climate extremes.

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With all of this evidence, why would colleges and universities resist the grassroots movement to divest from coal and oil? Institutions should represent the young people that they are built to cultivate and ensure a better future for them by discontinuing their support for these destructive industries.

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