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California Attorney General Tells Major Oil Terminal Developer, WesPac, to Hold Up in Pittsburg

Diane Bailey

Posted January 17, 2014

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The California Attorney General, Kamala D. Harris, sent a stark letter to the City of Pittsburg this week warning of “significant legal problems” with the documentation around the proposed WesPac mega oil terminal.  The eleven page letter noted “fundamental defects” and “errors” in the Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report for the 242,000 barrel per day rail and marine terminal for failing to do the following:

  • Adequately disclose and analyze local air quality impacts to the already impacted
  • community of Pittsburg;
  • Consider the effects to other Bay Area communities of refining the new crudes;
  • Propose and analyze feasible mitigation that could reduce local air quality, impacts;
  • Adequately disclose and address the risk of accidents that could result from transportation and storage of the new crudes;
  • Fully disclose and consider mitigation for the Project's climate change-related impacts; and
  • Consider a reasonable range of feasible alternatives that could reduce the Project's significant impacts.Thumbnail image for WesPac Rally.jpg

 The letter urges the City of Pittsburg to correct these problems before moving forward.   However, these issues arise from fundamental and serious environmental, health and safety flaws that are inherent to the project. NRDC together with dozens of other advocates, civic leaders and thousands of residents have raised these issues repeatedly over the past few months as awareness of the project has grown.  A rally and march last weekend brought hundreds out to demonstrate their pride in Pittsburg and opposition to the WesPac project. 

This Tuesday, January 21st, another rally is planned in front of City Hall (65 Civic Avenue, Pittsburg) at 5pm before the City Council meeting.  Please come show your support for a healthy and safe Pittsburg, before the city moves forward with this dirty and dangerous oil terminal. Pittsburg deserves better.WesPac Rally2.jpg

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GuthrumJan 18 2014 10:30 AM

As the nation transitions from gasoline to alternative fuels, there are still encouraging and groundbreaking developments in making the gasoline engine much more efficient, which results in the continuing decline of the oil consumption in the US.
One is the announcement by Ford Motors that the new F250 truck series will be lighter and more fuel efficient, while delivering full power to haul and pull loads.
Mazda is developing more fuel efficient engines that will be gasoline diesel type engines, with 30 % more fuel savings.
Engineers are also looking at the amazing gas vapor engine which gets 50mpg and more. Most cars can be refitted with parts that will convert the engine to a cold vapor type of fuel delivery.
These developments will further reduce fossil fuel use until hydrogen and other sources become viable.

Diane BaileyJan 18 2014 06:00 PM

Guthrum, thanks for this comment. I too was very encouraged by the recent news out of the Detroit Auto Show about lighter weight materials in Ford's redesigned F150 trucks - the most popular pick-ups in the nation. Hopefully others cars and trucks are soon to follow with this design innovation. We are pleased to hear about all the other improvements to fuel economy. With that in mind, as we say a long good-bye to dirty and destructive fossil fuels over the next few decades and watch gasoline consumption go down, it is especially unwise to consider new fossil fuel infrastructure like the proposed oil terminal in Pittsburg.

Here's a link to the AG's letter now posted on the Benicia Independent site with good commentary from Marilyn Bardet in Benicia:

Nakia kaisaJan 19 2014 12:23 AM

As a current resident of Pittsburg, CA and a hardworking summer intern as an Environmental Specialist at Los Medanos Community Healthcare District. (LMCHD) Its very important that we try to get as many local residents and local cities to: "BE VERY CONCERNED." There are many local communities surrounding this location in Pittsburg, CA where they will be placing the oil crude. We encourage as many people and local communities to attend Jan 21st @7pm located at the Pittsburg City Hall.

Please Attend!!! This Event Will Help Us Stop WesPac Mega Oil Treminal.

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