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Obama Touts Insulation as ‘Sexy’

Brandi Colander

Posted December 15, 2009

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Energy efficiency is in…period.  Hopefully, it is here to stay. In the midst of our trying economic climate, who doesn’t want to be more intentional about saving money?

Today, during a visit to a Virginia Home Depot, President Obama focused on energy efficiency as a “win-win” given its ability to save energy, money, and jobs all while helping the environment. However, President Obama went a step further in his energy efficiency advocacy. “Here’s what’s sexy about it — saving money,” said the president.

If you saw $20 bills just sort of floating through the window up into the atmosphere, you’d try to figure out how to keep them,” Mr. Obama said. That, he added, is “exactly what’s happening.” 

In previous blogs, I have focused on the importance of energy efficiency while coyly suggesting that it is sparking new appeal and to that end, “sexy”. It is indeed gratifying to see leadership at this level, sharing the win-win benefits of increasing our commitment to energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is unique in that every individual has the ability to modify their behavior and contribute to being mindful of their energy use. This is not a difficult task and one that has perhaps previously lacked appeal because it does involve taking a closer look at things like insulation-admittedly not a glitzy subject, but a critical energy efficiency tool. However, there are many steps being taken by individuals like you and the government at every level, which will enhance our energy efficiency in the future.

Recent headlines:

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Obama Administration Announces $3.2 Billion in Funding for Local Energy Efficiency Improvements 

Retrofitting 32,000 Homes for More Energy Efficiency and Comfort 

Secretary Chu Announces $256 Million Investment to Improve the Energy Efficiency of the American Economy 


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