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Andrew Wetzler’s Blog

LIVE CHAT on Protecting Wolves and the Endangered Species Act

Andrew Wetzler

Posted May 6, 2009

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The wolves of the northern Rockies have been kicked off the endangered species list. NRDC is going to court to fight for them. Join Andrew Wetzler, director of NRDC's endangered species project, for a special live chat at 2 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, May 6, to talk about the government's decision, what it means for wolves and what comes next in the battle for their survival.

Aside from his efforts to help save wolves, Wetzler has worked with NRDC to protect whales from lethal sonar, California condors from lead poisoning and polar bears from global warming. Learn more about the current threat to wolves and how you can help at NRDC's Save BioGems site, then join us here to chat with Wetzler on May 6. You can also participate via Twitter using the tag #greenchat.

Related: Previous live chat on EPA endangerment ruling with NRDC's David Doniger.

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gabe garciaMay 6 2009 09:11 PM

Bold and insightful post; The authors clarity on the issue of grassroots democracy and the truth it brings to bear on the prospects for the future give us all reason for hope. The question is: Are people ready to hear the good news yet? I for one AM!

Kudos again to the team.

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