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Amy Mall’s Blog

States acknowledge weaknesses in their oil and gas programs

Amy Mall

Posted March 26, 2010

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Last week I posted that Wyoming is working on new rules "to insure the protection" of drinking water. Last month I noted that Pennsylvania was working on new rules that Governor Rendell called "critical."

Today I read in an article that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection stated that it does not have as good a capability to test drinking water for contamination as the U.S. EPA.

I am pleased to hear that some states are acknowledging their regulations and enforcement capabilities have not kept up with the expansion of the industry nor its technologies. It's time for regulation and enforcement of oil and gas production to be beefed up across the country, including federal regulation and oversight of hydraulic fracturing.

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libertyballsMar 29 2010 04:24 PM

"If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." - Ronald Reagan on the folly of the federal government. Needless to say, you're a statist in green garb. By the way, Ed Rendell is a a few fries short of a happy meal too. That is why Pennsylvania can't even test drinking water. Act locally! and stop putting your faith in Washington DC. They lie, all of them.

Time for an: Industry Lab Rat Study on PoisonsMar 30 2010 12:21 AM

Gas Industry Lab Rats Scientific “Fracturing Chemicals and Drinking Water Study”
Citizens should not be lab rats for the natural gas industry.

Toxic chemicals are injected into the earth by the natural gas industry, where do those chemicals go after they are injected into the subsurface formations?
Does the gas industry have any scientific studies to conclusively prove poisons injected for gas drilling cannot migrate into drinking water? It’s time to prove what you say is true.

American citizens are lab rats in an unregulated environmental setting near natural gas drilling never knowing when a sip of drinking water is laced with “Poisons”. The devil’s toxic brew used by the natural gas industry is publicly disguised and dubbed as “Fracturing Chemicals” the industries known poisons of choice. The gas industry states they use small doses of toxic chemicals, we feel those poisons can be harmful to humans as testing has shown at:
How much poison does it take to kill a rat in a scientific study, give the rat small doses of poison, see what works.
Citizen lab rats drink water which could be laced with drilling poison such as:
- 2-butoxyethanol
- 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one
- 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazotin-3-one
- Acetic Anhydride (Heroin manufacturing)
- Alphatic Acid (non-specific organic acids – non aromatic)
- Ammonia Persulfate (oxidizer, gel additive)
- Aromatic Ketones
- Boric Acid (Roach killer, cross-linker for frac gels)
- Boric Oxide
- Butan-1-01
- Diesel (use discontinued – supposedly)
- Ethane-1,2-diol
- Ethoxylated Octylphenol (surfactant coating for a breaker)
- Ethylene Glycol (Anti-freeze)
- Hemicellulase Enzyme
- Hydrochloric Acid (Muriatic Acid)
- Magnesium Nitrate (oxidizer)
- Monoethanolamine (Toxic, corrosive surfactant)
- Polyethoxylated Alkanol (1)
- Polyethoxylated Alkanol (2)
- Polysaccharide (gel additive)
- Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic Potash)
- Prop-2-yn-1-01
- Propargyl Alcohol
- Propylene
- Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
- Tetramethylammonium Chloride a.k.a tetramine Chloride (toxic)
- Dazomet (pesticide, fungicide, extreme aquatic toxin)
- 2.2-Dibromo-3-Nitrilopropionamide (Biocide)
- Formaldehyde (Toxic embalming fluid, disinfectant, fixative)
- Glutaraldehyde (Toxic embalming fluid, disinfectant, fixative)
- Alphatic Alcohol Polyglycol Ether
- Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene)
- Ethoxlated Alcohol
- Ethoxylated Alcohol
- Ethylhexanol
- Glycol Ethers
- Hydrotreated light distillate
- Hydrotreated Light Distilled
- Isopropanol, a.k.a. Isopropyl Alcohol, a.k.a. propan-2-ol (Rubbing Alcohol)
- Methanol (Wood Alcohol)
- Mineral Spirits (Paint Thinner)
- Petroleum Distallate Blend
- Petroleum Distillates
- Mesh Sand (Crystalline Silica)
- Diatomaceous Earth
- Crystalline Silica: Cristobalite
- Crystalline Silica: Quartz

The natural gas industry needs to conclusive prove fracturing chemicals do not get into drinking water. The gas industry officials, gas lobbyists and anyone who supports natural gas drilling should serve as lab rats to convince citizens, continuous small doses of poisons in drinking water, can or cannot have health effects or kill us.

We want the gas industry to be lab rats in a proven study; you take the place of citizen lab rats who have water which is exposed to fracturing chemical poisons near gas drilling. What is it doing to us, what will it do to you?

Gas Industry Lab Rats Scientific “Fracturing Chemicals and Drinking Water Study”

Each gas industry rat or fellow rat, shall drink (1) one glass of water which comes from a drinking water supply in this first study consisting of rats drinking one glass of water for (60) sixty consecutive days. Warning: The lab testing site is located near natural gas drilling using toxic fracturing chemicals better known in citizen terms as, “Poisons” injected into the earth.

Health professionals will examine the gas industry lab rats on a daily basis for symptoms of gastroenteritis; vomiting; dirrahea; dizziness; headaches; unusual adrenal gland tumors or other cancers and endocrine diseases. All lab rats will have the opportunity to stop participating in the study at any time. Lab rats agree not to hold the government responsible for any health conditions developed as a result of participating in this gas industry scientific study.. Warning, time may expire for health testing related to consumed poisons which have already damaged your organs. If any lab rat is feeling nervous about participating in this study, citizens lab rats can be consulted further details. After the first testing period, we will ask the gas industry lab rats if they wish to continue with testing as they will now drink at least the recommended 8 glasses of water on a daily basis for the rest of their life, not knowing the amount or type of poison which could be in their water at any time in the future which has not been tested for in a continuous manner for poisons injected into the earth during gas drilling.

It’s time for the gas industry lab rats to come face to face with their own poisons.
If the gas industry study is not compromised, citizens may believe a year or so from now that fracturing chemicals cannot possibly get into their drinking water near natural gas drilling.

Citizens should not be lab rats for the natural gas industry. We deserve to have clean drinking water. The gas industry must stop poisoning citizens or give us conclusive proof via an industry lab rat study, show citizens drinking water is truly safe to drink and is never compromised by industry poisons. Industry lab rats, ready for the study?

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