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Quebec may ban natural gas drilling due to environmental concerns

Amy Mall

Posted February 1, 2011

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A recent news article reports that the Quebec government is considering halting natural gas production in the province. Quebec Environment Minister Pierre Arcand is quoted as saying, "I get the sense the industry isn't in control of the situation."

Last year, Quebec's Ministry of Natural Resources found leaks in more than half the shale gas wells it inspected. Of 31 wells inspected, 19 showed "natural gas emissions."

Many of the companies drilling in Canada are the same companies that drill right here in the United States. Do they use different technologies in each country, or have different safety and quality standards? Or are the risks similar? Are Quebec's regulators willing to do more to protect the public? Let me know what you think.

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Johanne DionFeb 2 2011 07:14 AM

I wouldn't be too quick in assuming that because Quebec elected officials don't sound so much gung-ho on shale gas all of a sudden, that means we could see a ban on fracking soon. It's probably a way of calming down the opponents of the industry whose numbers grow by the day.

The Charest governement has an history of plowing ahead no matter what, unless a large consensus rises up against its crazy projects meant to benefit the fortunes of a very few.

Let's keep our guard up!

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