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Thanks to EPA for investigating contaminated drinking water in Pennsylvania

Amy Mall

Posted March 26, 2010

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Last August I thanked the U.S. EPA for responding to community concerns about contaminated drinking water in Pavillion, Wyoming. You may remember the photo of the contamination in someone's water filter:



Now I want to thank EPA again, this time for investigating contaminated drinking water in Hickory, Pennsylvania. Initial testing of the Smitsky family well found acrylonitrile, a chemical that is used in hydraulic fracturing. Many people are grateful that the federal agency responsible for protecting drinking water is finally working to get to the bottom of contamination incidents. Here is a photo of the Smitsky's water; it used to be clean and drinkable:


 Contaminated drinking water

Thanks to the Pavillion Area Concerned Citizens and Darrell Smitsky for the use of these photos.


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barrypeltsMar 26 2010 11:59 PM

Not possible. Everbody knows that there has never been a single case of frac pollution of our aquifers. Your mule must have fallen into the well. Our natural gas producers have such a fine record, we allow them to self-regulate. Why, they're exempt from EPA, for goodness sakes. You guys are just causing trouble. Take your $3500 dollars shut up money, and hook up to city water. It never happened.

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