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Hydraulic fracturing suspected in drinking water contamination in a new state: West Virginia

Amy Mall

Posted October 18, 2010

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I've blogged before about drinking water contamination incidents in several states where hydraulic fracturing is a suspected cause. Today I add a new state: West Virginia. I've recently seen reports from two counties in West Virginia where residents are complaining about groundwater contamination.

In Marshall County, Jeremiah Magers reports that "As soon as they 'fracked' those gas wells, that's when my water well started getting gas in it." He also lost all the water in his well.

In Wetzel County, Marilyn Hunt reported to the EPA that: "frac drilling is contaminating the drinking water here." Residents report health symptoms, such as rashes and mouth sores, as well as illness in their lambs and goats, which they suspect is linked to drinking water contamination.

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