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STUDY: Oil Industry Triggers California Earthquakes

Giulia C.S. Good Stefani
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The oil industry must now admit that its actions could cause earthquakes in California. A study published by the American Geophysical Union this week found that a swarm of earthquakes that occurred in Kern County in 2005 was almost certainly...continued | comments (1)

Latin America Green News: rising temperatures affect Mexico's crop production, Ecuador feels impacts of climate change, Chile to build innovative solar hydropower plant

Maria Martinez
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Latin America Green News is a selection of weekly news highlights about environmental and energy issues in Latin America. To get the weekly Latin America Green News blog delivered directly to your email, subscribe here. January 30th - February 5th,...continued | comments (1)

Seattle's pioneering RainWise stormwater-pollution prevention program just got even better

Alisa Valderrama
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The Rainwise program, run jointly by Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD), empowers homeowners and other private property owners to help stop the region's largest source of water pollution: polluted runoff and specifically the sewer...continued | comments

Proposing an Overdue Oil and Climate Security Fee

Deron Lovaas
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The President just proposed a 21st Century Clean Transportation Initiative loaded with interesting policy, the most attention-grabbing of which is a $10-per-barrel oil fee to be phased in over 5 years. The revenue from it (about $30 billion a year...continued | comments

California Leads on Reducing Methane Emissions from Oil & Gas Operations

Briana Mordick
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California took a big step forward to reduce emissions of potent, heat-trapping methane pollution from the oil and gas industry. Joining states like Wyoming, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, California is proposing strong but sensible rules to control methane across the oil...continued | comments

Using Big Data to Help Solve the Big Building Energy Problem

Shelley Poticha
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Big Data isn't just an impressive show of new technology, it's a way to solve problems. In fact, quantitative analysis in the digital age - done in a scientific way to build objective evidence - has been called the best...continued | comments

More drinking water contamination linked to the oil and gas industry in Texas and Pennsylvania

Amy Mall
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Two recent drinking water investigations in Texas show dangerous levels of contamination. The larger study tested 550 water samples collected from public and private water wells in the north Texas Barnett Shale region over a three-year period and found that...continued | comments

Amazingly Good Energy News Reaffirmed

Ralph Cavanagh
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In each of the last three years, NRDC has compiled extensive evidence of an accelerating clean energy transition across the United States. Bloomberg's New Energy Finance (NEF) weighed in this week with its own Sustainable Energy in America Factbook, which...continued

EPSA Decision: Great for Demand Response and Nothing for States to Fear

Miles Farmer
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This post is co-authored by Miles Farmer and Allison Clements. There were many cheers over last week's Supreme Court decision in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission v. Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA) (including our own, as amici in the case) because...continued


Sami Yassa

In August, the EPA issued its landmark Clean Power Plan (CPP) aimed at reducing emissions from stationary sources of power, including plants that burn biomass to produce electricity. This sets in motion a three-year period for individual states to prepare...continued | comments

Save Our Arctic and Atlantic Waters Now

Rhea Suh
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Today we delivered more than 2 million petitions to the White House urging President Obama to permanently put our Arctic and Atlantic coasts off-limits to oil and gas drilling. This week, NRDC and our environmental partners called on President Obama...continued | comments

Five Ideas we'd like to see in Mayor Bill de Blasio's State-of-the-City Speech

Eric Goldstein
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Bill de Blasio's 3rd State-of-the-City speech tonight will be a perfect opportunity for the New York City Mayor to build upon the new environmental framework he unveiled in his ambitious OneNYC sustainability plan last April. The Mayor's speech, like his...continued | comments

POLL: Wide support for new Maryland bill to fight antibiotic resistance

Mae Wu

If forced to choose to save your life, which would you pick: amputating your leg or a lifetime on dialysis? Unfortunately, this isn't a hypothetical scenario. While meeting with a lawmaker, I heard an infectious disease physician tell a tragic...continued | comments

Sharing Clean Energy With Our Neighbors Is Saving Us Millions

Sierra Martinez
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One of the key challenges for the electric grid operator these days is upgrading the electric system so that we don't have to throw away as much clean energy. Yes, you heard that right - sometimes we have to shut...continued | comments

LCFS: A crucial tool to fight climate change

Simon Mui
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There they go again. The oil industry and its allies are once again attacking California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), even though the groundbreaking initiative enjoys broad public support and is working to reduce carbon pollution while growing the state's...continued | comments

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