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The People's Climate March: Join Us on September 21 to Make History

Peter Lehner
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An old friend recently got in touch to let me know he’ll be joining me at the People's Climate March in New York City this weekend. He’s coming from pretty far out of town, and he’s not the type some...continued | comments

Connecting Dots

Shelley Poticha
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This morning, a conversation with my daughter, Hanna, helped me connect a bunch of dots in my life.  We were talking about how Kerry Washington is such a brilliant role model – she’s the first African American woman in over...continued | comments

House Republications Push Bill to Weaken Pesticide Regulations - H.R.5447

Jennifer Sass
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House Republicans and their industrial agrochemical allies are trying to hijack concern about saving bees to promote a bill that would needlessly weaken pesticide regulation.  The bill (H.R. 5447), introduced by Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA), would allow highly toxic pesticides...continued | comments

Big Oil's California Battleground

Peter Lehner
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The new documentary Pump lays out the costs and risks of our dependence on oil to move around—the dependence that’s creating an asthma epidemic in families who live near highways. The dependence that forces families to spend their hard-earned money...continued | comments (1)

Latin America Green News: A climate change tower in the Amazon, greener railroad transportation in Mexico, the first 100% solar-powered city in Chile

Carolina Herrera
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Latin America Green News is a selection of weekly news highlights about environmental and energy issues in Latin America. September 13th – September 19th, 2014 Climate Change A structure taller than the Eiffel Tower is set to be built in the...continued | comments

US EPA Carbon Rules Comment Period Extended, But There's No Need to Delay Ohio's Clean Energy Standards

Samantha Williams
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Although the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced on Tuesday that it’s extending the comment period on the Clean Power Plan for states to curb carbon emissions from our nation’s power fleet to Dec. 1, Ohio doesn’t need additional time to...continued | comments (1)

Protecting Us Abroad, Ensuring Energy Independence at Home

David Murray
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Meet one of solar energy’s top advocates: the U.S. military. Whether it’s on an Air Force base in Arizona or at a U.S. Marine outpost in Afghanistan, service members know energy security is critical to our safety. That’s why I’m...continued | comments

Why We March

Robert Friedman
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A New York City councilman recently asked me to identify the purpose of Sunday’s People’s Climate March. Over the past several months, I’ve been thinking about this question a lot, but two days out, I think I’ve arrived at my...continued | comments (1)

Tell it to the Birds: Confession and the Nature of Change

Andrew Wetzler
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Last night I had the opportunity to experience a new installation by NRDC artist-in-residence, Jenny Kendler, at the opening of EXPO Chicago. The piece, “Tell it to the Birds,” asks participants to enter a beautiful small dome, where they sit...continued | comments

UN Climate Summit: A Look at India's Climate Actions

Anjali Jaiswal
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The pressing crisis of climate change takes the world stage at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York next week. Over 120 heads of government will discuss global leadership and climate action as one of the final opportunities to...continued | comments

China can rise to the challenge on climate change and air pollution

Alvin Lin
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This post was co-written with Princeton-in-Asia Fellow Judy Li. Next week in New York, national leaders from around the world will gather for a Climate Summit to announce their countries’ actions and contributions for strengthening global efforts to tackle climate...continued | comments

Leaders Can and Must Rise to the Challenge to Confront Climate Change

Jake Schmidt
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Next week over 125 Heads of Government will convene in New York City to outline actions that they are prepared to take now and in the future to address climate change. This isn’t the first time that leaders have engaged...continued | comments

The Value of the Leaders' Climate Summit at the UN

Brendan Guy
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Many commentators have questioned the value of the leaders' Climate Summit on Tuesday at the United Nations. And if the meeting were a regular talkfest, I might be inclined to as well. But it’s not. This Summit is different.  The...continued | comments

Join the People's Climate March for Action at Home and Abroad

David Doniger
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This Sunday, I’ll be marching in the People’s Climate March in New York City with hundreds of thousands of other Americans and people from around the world. Our message is simple: For the sake of our children and grandchildren, our...continued | comments

Zombie Highway Projects

Deron Lovaas
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Jeff Inglis and Phineas Baxandall have co-authored a new PIRG report about “highway boondoggles” in which they profile 11 large road projects costing about $13 billion. These are projects long contemplated on paper, as part of long-range transportation plans assembled...continued | comments

Forecast for UN Climate Summit in New York: Cloudy with Commitments

Jacob Scherr
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Mark Bittman’s recent  New York Times OpEd  “Let’s Reject the ‘Inevitable’” deserves the attention it is receiving.  While agreeing with him on the critical importance of the People’s Climate March planned for Sunday and the call for rapid transformative change to deal with the climate crisis,...continued | comments

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