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The Heritage Foundation's "CPP analysis": the old two-tricks-in-one move

Laurie Johnson
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Earlier this month, the polluter-backed Heritage Foundation "think tank" (I like to call it the Inheritance Foundation) released a rehash of a March 2014 analysis, an anti-regulatory "study" against the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) historic first-ever proposed carbon pollution standard...continued | comments

McDonalds' new CEO could help humans win the war against antibiotic resistant bacteria

Jonathan Kaplan
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McDonalds' freshly appointed CEO, Steve Easterbrook, starts his new job on Monday. His appointment comes at a time when the golden arches are sagging. Sales are down and according to Fortune magazine, "the company faces one heck of an identity...continued | comments

NERA/NAM's rehashed ozone standard analysis: still crazy

Laurie Johnson
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Last July, the consulting firm that regularly does polluters' dirty bidding, National Economic Research Associates (NERA), released an anti-regulatory study for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) against the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed ozone standard. In that study, they assumed...continued | comments

'New' IHS report dusts off old and inaccurate industry talking points about Keystone XL

Anthony Swift

Earlier this week IHS - an oil industry funded research consultancy - released another in a long line of reports promoting the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The report makes a number of outlandish and unsubstantiated claims about...continued | comments

Let's not shoot the Monarch messenger: Butterflies (and critters) of all kinds need our help

Sylvia Fallon
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A recent opinion piece by Daniel Rubinoff argued that efforts to save the declining monarch butterfly in the US are misplaced. Chief among Rubinoff's arguments is that other species of butterflies, moths and spiders are in more critical condition and...continued | comments

Refocusing on the Bus

Deron Lovaas
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Bus riders comprise 50% of all transit riders, and they outnumber the number of heavy rail, light rail, commuter bus, and trolley riders combined. Yet attention to bus service pales in comparison to that offered to light rail. Given the...continued | comments (1)

From Maine to Virginia, Carbon Pollution Limits Can Help Protect Shellfisheries

Susan Casey-Lefkowitz
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A new study published this week in Nature Climate Change outlined another of the very real dangers of burning fossil fuels: ocean acidification. For the first time, we have clear documentation of the damage that ocean acidification can do to...continued | comments

Celebrating Black Leadership on the Environment

Adrianna Quintero
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Black History Month calls for a celebration of the visionary environmental leadership of Black individuals and communities, as well as an examination of the many environmental injustices faced by people of color in our country. Whether we acknowledge it or...continued | comments

The California Gnatcatcher, Big Polluters, and Undisclosed Scientific Funding -- It's Not Just Climate Skeptics

Andrew Wetzler
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Transparency and conflicts of interest in science have been in the papers a lot this week, after a lengthy New York Times article revealed that one of the nation's leading climate skeptics accepted more than a million dollars in...continued | comments (1)

Food + Enterprise: bringing together farmers and financiers to strengthen local, sustainable food industry

Yerina Mugica
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In just two days we will be kicking off Food + Enterprise, a first-of-its-kind conference at Industry City in Brooklyn dedicated to financing a better local food system by connecting impact investors, foundations, and other patient capital with food entrepreneurs,...continued | comments

The New (and Improved) Electric Grid in California

Sierra Martinez

Did you know that the amount of electricity we need from the electric grid now can reach its lowest point in the middle of the day instead of the middle of the night when people are asleep and businesses are...continued | comments

Show the Show-Me-State a More Energy Efficient Home: A Call for Consideration of Affordable Rental Housing in Missouri's State Energy Plan

Ariana Gonzalez
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We're not in Kansas, Toto. We're in Missouri. And it's going to take a lot more than Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz clicking together red sparkly heels to bring about a more energy efficient home sweet home. Many factors...continued | comments

Smooth Sailing for First Auction with Gasoline under the Climate Pollution Cap, and More Benefits to Communities

Merrian Borgeson
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Despite oil industry fear-mongering over adding transportation fuels such as gasoline to the state's emissions cap as of January 1, the first auction of carbon allowances resulted in a carbon allowance price in line with the previous auctions and will...continued | comments

Beacon Hill Study: Bizarre algebra, crazy assumptions, and the wrong policy

Laurie Johnson
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On behalf of the fossil fuel industry, the Beacon Hill Institute (BHI) just rolled out a national study, accompanied by a suite of 16 state analyses, claiming economic calamity will result from first-ever proposed limits on carbon pollution. The limits,...continued | comments (1)

INDIA GREEN NEWS: RE Invest 2015 Creates Renewables Buzz; Government Launching Air Quality Index

Ariel Cooper
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India Green News is a selection of news highlights about environmental and energy issues in India. Compiled by Nehmat Kaur February 13-20, 2015 CLIMATE CHANGE World Bank agrees $8 million aid to India for climate change mitigation India on Friday...continued | comments

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