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Latino Leaders in California Legislature Steer Statewide Plastic Bag Ban Bill onto Governor Brown's Desk

Linda Escalante
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After several attempts to pass a California statewide ban on  flyaway single-use plastic bags, our state Assembly and Senate have made proud history by voting to turn our Golden State into the first of the 50 states to ban these...continued | comments (2)

India Green News: Solar and Wind Potential Receives Investment Interest; Governments Partner to Tackle Climate Change

Avinash Kar
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India Green News is a selection of news highlights about environmental and energy issues in India.   Compiled by Ariel Cooper Week of August 25th-29th CLIMATE CHANGE Climate change is real and happening in India NEW DELHI: Ahead of the UN...continued | comments

President Appoints Arkansas Utility Commissioner to FERC

Allison Clements

The nation is again one step closer to having a full slate of five commissioners to preside over the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which regulates America’s transmission grid, wholesale sales of electricity, and gas pipeline infrastructure.   The White...continued

Map-gate: The Newest Strange Claims About the Clean Water Protection Rule

Jon Devine
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Over the last couple days, there has been a barrage of stories about a set of maps that the Environmental Protection Agency had produced, from long-public data maintained by the U.S. Geological Survey, indicating the location of various types of...continued | comments

Latin America Green News: Mexico's solar panel tariff, Chile's "five star" glacier law, and Brazil's deforestation gang

Carolina Herrera
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Latin America Green News is a selection of weekly news highlights about environmental and energy issues in Latin America. August 23 – August 29, 2014 Renewable Energy The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) expects to invest $500 million in...continued | comments

Dept. of Energy Report Shows How Far U.S. Wind Has Come and the Challenges Ahead

Kit Kennedy
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This blog post first appeared, under a different title, on LiveScience. For U.S. wind power, last year was both the best of times and the worst of times. That's the conclusion from the new Wind Technologies Market Report released last week...continued | comments

Million Electric Vehicle Bill Sent to Governor Brown

Max Baumhefner
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California is poised to open a portal to America’s future, shoving Big Oil off the highways to make room for cleaner transportation alternatives that will improve the nation’s health and provide drivers with much-needed relief from pain at the pump....continued | comments (13)

A Water Bond to Protect the Environment and the Economy

Doug Obegi
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Virtually all of California – 99.8 percent – is in severe drought. The toxic blue-green algae that shut down Toledo’s drinking water supply earlier this month is thriving in Stockton’s waterways, thanks to warm, stagnant water and low river flows....continued | comments (1)

The Pay TV Industry Has Tuned into Set-top Boxes that Waste Less Energy

Noah Horowitz
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After years of ever-increasing energy use, the amount of electricity used by those black set-top boxes provided by the cable, satellite and telephone companies has begun to go down, according to a report published today. In fact, national set-top box energy use...continued | comments

USAID Needs to Bring Together Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation with Fresh Water Conservation and Climate Resilience in Development Assistance

Elizabeth Shope
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It’s surprising that in the 21st Century, nearly 750 million people lack access to safe drinking water and 2.5 billion people –more than one-third of the world’s population—don’t have an adequate place to go the bathroom. This is so, despite...continued | comments (2)

Tagging toxics: Legislation green lights labeling of harmful chemicals in household furniture

Veena Singla
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Today, the California legislature voted to give consumers the right to know whether they are bringing home a toxic couch. This first-in-the nation legislation (SB 1019), authored by Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), requires the furniture’s attached label to clearly...continued | comments (2)

Cool Infographic: The 5 Largest Transit Systems in the U.S.

Deron Lovaas
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Folks at the  online Masters in Public Administration program at the University of North Carolina created an infographic about the history, capacity and future of the nation's five largest transit systems. Of course it includes D.C.'s own Metro, where we're enjoying new stops...continued | comments (4)

Reading, Writing, and ...Toxic Pesticides?

Miriam Rotkin-Ellman
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Parents worry about plenty of things when they send their kids to school: first- day jitters, making friends, bullying … But exposure to toxic chemicals isn’t usually on the list of “back to school” worries. Perhaps it should be, though....continued | comments

Tell the Forest Service they have an obligation to protect your public groundwater resources

Marcus Griswold
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Recently, the US Forest Service released a “Directive” which would guide how groundwater is managed by the agency.  They are currently accepting comments from the public on that Directive and now is the time to weigh in to ensure public...continued | comments

What If Proven Benefits Alone Are Not Enough to Drive Industrial Energy Efficiency

Vignesh Gowrishankar
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While cutting energy waste seems like a no-brainer for the industrial sector, a new research project suggests that even favorable cost savings, at a brisk rate, may be insufficient to drive deep deployment of energy efficiency in America’s factories and...continued | comments (1)

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