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NRDC helping to launch local climate resiliency effort in North Carolina

Luis Martinez
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 Communities will bear the brunt of climate impacts across the world.  Even though climate change is a problem which must be addressed nationally and internationally, the impacts are very much local.  Resiliency to climate impacts starts in our communities.  A...continued | comments

Halloween Energy Vampires Survival Guide 2014

Noah Horowitz
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Halloween Warning: There are energy vampires lurking in your home that are disguised as normal appliances and electronics. These bloodthirsty monsters have a voracious appetite for sucking energy out of your electrical outlets and money out of your wallet, even when...continued

Floridian's Deliver over 92,000 Petitions to Governor Scott Asking Him to #ActOnClimate

Pamela Rivera
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Over the last several months, Florida's Clean Energy Future -- a coalition of clean energy, business, Hispanic, faith, community and academic leaders throughout the Sunshine State  -- has worked across the state to raise awareness about the threat of climate...continued | comments

The City of New Orleans Announces New Resiliency Initiative: Benchmarking Energy Use of Municipal Buildings

Kimi Narita
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On Wednesday at the Greenbuild Conference, the City of New Orleans announced that it has finished collecting data on the energy use of all 92 municipal buildings in the City, which include libraries, recreation centers, and office space. By collecting...continued | comments

First New York Green Bank deals to bring up to $800MM in Clean Energy Investments to New York State

Doug Sims
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Today, the New York Green Bank (NYGB) announced its first planned transactions. It's a broad, impressive set of offerings that could have transformative impact in New York and nationally by doubling down on boldness and creativity in the clean energy finance...continued | comments

A Major Agreement That is Good News for Utah Wilderness

Bobby McEnaney
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Just some of the trout to be found in the Green River, where state surveys have found that this wild and scenic river averages a population of 15,000 trout per square mile.  Photo Credit: EWConner flickr Today marks an important day for...continued | comments

Threat to Cabo Pulmo National Park from Cabo Cortés project re-emerges

Carolina Herrera
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In a move that places Cabo Pulmo National Park at risk once more, a Tribunal Court in Mexico City has effectively thrown out a 2012 decision that cancelled Cabo Cortés, a massive real-estate and tourism project proposed right near the...continued | comments

The Clean Water Act -- 42 Birthday Candles and Half a Million Americans Who Support It

Jon Devine
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Forty-two years ago this past Saturday, Congress passed the law known today as the Clean Water Act.  I salute their forethought and bipartisan leadership, not just because I make my living implementing that law, but because it has helped to...continued | comments

Burden of the Boom: Who Will Pay the Price for Fracking in California?

Miriam Rotkin-Ellman
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From polluted skies to contaminated drinking water and hazardous waste, communities of color in California get way more than their fair share.  If the oil and gas industry gets their way, drilling – and the environmental and health threats from...continued | comments

Virginia's Utility Regulatory Staff: Wielding a Nuclear Ax When Toothpicks Would Do

Walton Shepherd

With Virginia already 80 percent of the way toward meeting its climate pollution reduction target under the proposed Clean Power Plan (CPP), and Governor McAuliffe’s Energy Plan poised to get the state the rest of the way, it’s perplexing that...continued | comments

Feeding the 5000 Oakland: Bringing Food Waste Awareness by the Dumpster Load

Tiffany Traynum
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As everyone knows, I like keeping it local. Don’t get me wrong, traveling is the only way to experience other ways of life and take in all the beauty this world has to offer. But there is nothing better than...continued | comments

This Is How America Will Cut Dangerous Pollution and Stamp Out Our Carbon Footprint

Frances Beinecke
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Millions of people in Southern California were under an excessive heat warning a few weeks ago. The Los Angeles Unified School District cancelled outdoor sporting events and more than 100 San Diego schools sent children home early to shield them...continued | comments

AWEA's Offshore WINDPOWER Conference & Exhibition Emphasizes Offshore Wind's Bright Future While Also Calling for Action

Kit Kennedy
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Guest Blog by Andrea Leshak, NRDC Ford Legal Fellow I had the great pleasure of attending AWEA’s Offshore WINDPOWER Conference & Exhibition earlier this month. The conference was appropriately held in Atlantic City, NJ, a city committed to supporting offshore wind...continued | comments

The tar sands train that couldn't

Anthony Swift
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This blog was co-written with Lorne Stockman, Research Director at Oil Change International   The issue of whether significant quantities of tar sands crude will move by rail if projects such as the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline are not...continued | comments (1)

Grid Modernization and Public Lands

Carl Zichella
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Here at NRDC I work in an unusual program niche: the intersection of our renewable energy and lands and wildlife programs. During my career I have worked as an advocate for protecting wild places and creatures as well as a...continued

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