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Selifies and Civilization: two youths blog about interning at NRDC

Pamela Rivera
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Guest blog by Maya Ward and Nick Bruce. Maya is an intern with Voces Verdes, she blends her love of Hispanic language and culture with the development of environmental policy. She is pursuing a Masters degree in Economics at Duke University, and...continued

Don't be a Stooge: What's at stake in the Republican assault on environmental protection

David Goldston
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Congress’ departure from Washington for its annual August recess is a traditional time to take stock of what our legislators have been up to.  In recent years, this has too often degenerated into mere lampooning, obscuring how deadly in earnest...continued | comments

Secret Spraying? House Votes on Bill Tonight To Allow Pesticides To Be Applied To Waterways Without Any Clean Water Act Protections

Mae Wu
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The House of Representatives is poised to vote on a bill tonight to eliminate the Clean Water Act protections for waterways that are being sprayed with pesticides. Since 2011, anyone who plans to apply a pesticide into a body of...continued | comments

Ohio Fracking Spill Highlights Problems with State Disclosure Laws

Matthew McFeeley
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After tens of thousands of gallons of fracking chemicals flowed into a creek last month in Ohio, officials with the state and federal environmental protection agencies, who oversee the safety of drinking water, were forced to wait for five days...continued | comments

Latin America Green News: Chile's biodiversity, Costa Rica's crocodiles, Mexico's fisheries

Denée Reaves
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Latin America Green News is a selection of weekly news highlights about environmental and energy issues in Latin America. July 20th – July 25th, 2014 Chile The Environmental Assessment Commission of the Metropolitan region has rejected the Environmental Impact Assessment presented...continued | comments

California and Mexico to Forge Shared Solutions on Climate Change and the Economy

Victoria Rome
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This blog was co-written by Amanda Maxwell and Ann Notthoff NRDC has been working for years in both California and Mexico to combat climate change and protect natural resources.  Although each has its own political challenges and opportunities, it’s clear...continued | comments

We Need President Obama to Save Whales from Navy Exercises

Zak Smith
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This week, the Natural Resources Defense Council launched a petition drive asking President Obama to protect whales from deadly sonar and explosives. It’s action the world’s marine mammals desperately need. At home, the Navy is engaged in exercises that...continued | comments (25)

Big Polluters Cry Wolf over EPA Plan to Protect Health and Fight Climate Change

Frances Beinecke
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Next week the Environmental Protection Agency will host four public hearings on its plan to reduce climate change pollution from power plants.  The speakers list is already filling up. Physicians will outline the health hazards linked to climate change. Farmers...continued | comments (1)

China Environmental News Alert

Greenlaw from NRDC China
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China Environmental News Alert July 18-25, 2014 NRDC has been working in China for over fifteen years on such issues as energy efficiency, green buildings, clean energy technologies, environmental law, and green supply chain issues. This China Environmental News Alert...continued | comments

BUSTED: Big Ag's Big Myths About the Clean Water Protection Rule

Jon Devine
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One of my kids’ (and my) favorite TV shows is “Mythbusters.” It’s got a great combination of fact-based scrutiny of popularly held beliefs and a healthy dose of excellently infantile humor.  Given how fun they make it look, I expected...continued | comments

The Clock is Ticking to Craft a Good, BDCP-Neutral Water Bond for California

Doug Obegi
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This November, California voters will almost certainly vote on whether to authorize billions of dollars of taxpayer spending for a water bond. But crucially, the next few weeks will determine what water bond will be on the ballot in November...continued | comments

Poll: Overwhelming Support for Climate Action, Holding Polluters Accountable

Simon Mui
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Most Californians are concerned about climate threats and continue to support the state’s clean energy laws to reduce global warming emissions, including requiring oil companies to pay for their pollution just as other major polluters already do. That’s according to...continued | comments (1)

New Study Confirms That Some Biomass is Dirtier Than Coal

Sami Yassa
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Today the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) released its report: Lifecycle Impacts of Biomass in 2020. The report analyzes the carbon emissions produced by burning biomass fuels.  The findings confirm what U.S. and European ENGOs have been...continued | comments

Feeling a Cold War Chill over Ukraine

Matthew McKinzie

Reflecting on the Ukraine crisis, in a July 20, 2014 CNN interview Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein agreed that U.S.-Russian relations are at Cold War levels. Reacting to Senator Feinstein's viewpoint, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul stated...continued | comments

State's Own Report Shows PA Flunking in Fracking Regulation, but Courts Continue to Keep State Out of Local Zoning

Daniel Raichel
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It’s worth stating the obvious: whether it’s the 209 confirmed cases of water pollution from oil and gas drilling the last 7 years, the state’s willful blindness toward certain drinking water testing results related to suspected contamination from fracking, or...continued | comments

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