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Permission to Play in the Dirt: DePaul Art Museum Illuminates the Beauty of Decay

Andrew Wetzler
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Turn on a TV or open a magazine and chances are you'll see messages deriding dirt as a nuisance, a mess, and even dangerous to our health. But we neglect dirt at our peril. Roted in Soil, a brand new...continued | comments

Retrofit Chicago Wins Recognition

Rebecca Stanfield
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Our hearts swell with pride today with the news that Retrofit Chicago has been awarded the Inspiring Efficiency Impact Award, which is given each year by the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance! Way to go Retrofit Chicago team! NRDC has been...continued | comments

Antibiotic Resistance: What do my leafy greens have to do with it?

Carmen Cordova
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Dust from the cattle feedyard carries antibiotics, antibiotic resistance genes, and bacteria according to a recent study out of Texas Tech. More specifically, airborne dust containing antibiotic resistance genes for tetracycline resistance, cattle fecal bacteria and even antibiotics used in...continued | comments

Latin America Green News: droughts in Brazil and Chile, Monarch butterfly numbers in Mexico still low, Colombia leading in reforestation efforts

Maria Martinez
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Latin America Green News is a selection of weekly news highlights about environmental and energy issues in Latin America. January 24th - January 30th Climate Change In December, the Green Tax, part of the recent Tax Reform, went into effect...continued | comments

Philadelphia businesses get help from City for stormwater improvements

Alisa Valderrama
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Novel program benefits city, local businesses, and property owners If you own a commercial property in Philadelphia, you just might be able to get the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) to pay for stormwater improvements on your property. These improvements would...continued | comments

Mexican Energy Ministry Commits to Better Fuel Economy Standards for Government Vehicles

Amanda Maxwell
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This blog post was guest authored by Sam Hoyle, NRDC's Latin America Project Intern. The Mexican Energy Ministry (SENER) recently published the third set of official energy efficiency guidelines for all the entities and branches of the Federal Public Administration...continued | comments

New Study Confirms Climate Risks of Burning Forest Biomass to Produce Electricity

Sami Yassa
, , ,

This week, yet another study was released that points to the need to reassess biomass policies both in Europe and the US. The analysis, published by the World Resources Institute, challenges the assumptions of "carbon neutrality" that underpin renewable energy...continued | comments

Can it be cheap and easy to solve the climate problem? Yes!

David Goldstein
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Some news outlets this week have been discussing perceived challenges to meeting a serious climate change prevention goal. The concerns focus on: 1) the credibility of technology studies that show how we can solve the problem at low (or...continued | comments (2)

What to expect on Keystone XL now that the Senate has voted

Liz Barratt-Brown
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Now that Congress has voted to approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, attention will focus on President Obama who has promised to veto this legislation but whose administration is also actively engaged in the permitting process. Once the president...continued | comments (1)

Kick 2015 into Gear & Share a Ride to an Amazing Conference - or Learn How

Fernando Cazares
, , , , , , , , , ,

The year 2014 was significant for transportation advancements in California. With increasing technology, we are finding more creative ways to move around - from peer-to-peer ridesharing to on-demand transit. Never before has the sharing economy been so dynamic, and...continued | comments

HUD on the right track with new energy efficiency initiative for affordable housing

Philip Henderson

If you look into the new energy efficiency initiatives announced today by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), you'll make an important discovery. Everybody knows investing to improve the energy efficiency of buildings can be a great...continued | comments

Celebrating the International Year of Soils

Claire O'Connor
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Did you know that 2015 is the International Year of Soils? Each month, the USDA is celebrating the International Year of Soils by focusing on a different benefit of healthy soil. I kicked off January's theme of "Soils Sustain Life"...continued | comments

New Report Suggests Packaging Sustainability Improvements for Fast Food, Beverage, and Consumer Goods Companies

Darby Hoover
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Today, NRDC and As You Sow released a report, "Waste and Opportunity 2015: Environmental Progress and Challenges in Food, Beverage, and Consumer Goods Packaging," which analyzes the packaging practices and policies of 47 companies in three sectors: quick service restaurants...continued | comments

New Efficiency Standards for Automatic Commercial Ice Makers Will Save $942 Million

Meg Waltner
, , , ,

The Department of Energy this week finalized updated energy efficiency standards for the automatic commercial ice makers often found in hotels, restaurants, and health-care facilities. The new standards will require most ice makers sold in the United States to use...continued | comments

First Efficiency Standard Proposed for Gas-Fired Hearth Products to Waste Less Energy and Save Money

Elizabeth Noll
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The popular hearth gas stoves and decorative fireplaces keeping you cozy on cold winter nights will soon waste less energy, saving money on your energy bills and cutting pollution, under the first-ever efficiency standard proposed for hearth products with continuously...continued

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